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Bundaberg farmers call for Paradise Dam wall fix two years after water release

23/SEPT/21 – Courier Mail

Bundaberg farmers welcome recent rainfall but face grim growing season past July

07/APR/21 – Queensland Country Life

Bree Grima – New Capacity of Paradise Dam

13/APR/21 – Rural Queensland Today with Ben Dobbin

Wide Bay Burnett remains desperately dry despite La Niña drenching much of Australia

12/APR/21 – ABC Australia

Bundaberg facing major water crisis

26/MAR/21 – Sky News Australia

Happy Friday Bundabergians and other peeps. We just dropped our first promo movie… Ever wanted to know what our employees do working on our farms? Check this out…

26/MAR/21 – Bundaberg Sugar Ltd

More than 4000 megalitres of water has poured in Paradise Dam from recent rain, but farmers say it’s not enough

18/MAR/21 – 7 News Wide Bay

Paradise Dam woes intensify as water costs skyrocket

17/MAR/21 – Tom Marland

Speaking again tonight in the Senate on Paradise Dam

16/MAR/21 – Senator James McGrath

Dry weather add urgency to the Paradise Dam class action

16/MAR/21 – Tom Marland

Paradise Dam: Risk of failure reduced but long-term future in doubt

12/MAR/21 – Queensland Country Life

Confronting images of Paradise Dam have highlighted the true state of the region’s biggest water resource

03/MAR/21 – 7 News Wide Bay

Farmers v Government – Bundaberg’s Paradise Dam Battle is Headed to Supreme Court

03/MAR/21 – Triple M

Bundaberg farmers raise $1 Million for Paradise Dam class action

02/MAR/21 – Queensland Country Life

10 days – that’s all the time it took for the community to raise $1 million for a class action against the State Government over the state of Paradise Dam

02/MAR/21 – 7 News Wide Bay

Tom Marland – Update on Paradise Dam Class Action

23/FEB/21 – Rural Queensland Today with Ben Dobbin

Water security critical for macadamia industry growth

18/FEB/21 – Bundaberg Now

Speaking on Paradise Dam, the greatest infrastructure failure in the history of Australia brought to you by the Queensland Labor Party

16/FEB/21 – Senator James McGrath

Worrying new figures have revealed Paradise Dam might run dry by July without some serious rain

04/FEB/21 – 7 News Wide Bay

Paradise Dam raised as key election issue

22/OCT/20 – Bundaberg Now

Deputy PM Michael McCormack takes aim at Labor over Paradise Dam

14/OCT/20 – ABC Australia

Flood action, a new hospital, and fixing Paradise Dam are some of Bundaberg Council’s top priorities ahead of next month’s state election

25/SEPT/20 – 7 News Wide Bay

Growers say their lives are on hold and emotions are still high a year after the State Government announced Paradise Dam would be lowered

24/SEPT/20 – 7 News Wide Bay

Farmers are taking their fight to have Paradise Dam restored, to Bundaberg’s city streets…

11/SEPT/20 – 9 News Wide Bay

What’s really going on with Paradise Dam?

09/SEPT/20 – Bundaberg Now

Our economic security is under threat

08/SEPT/20 – Bundaberg Now

When will the Queensland Labor Government safely restore Paradise Dam to its full capacity?

27/AUG/20 – Senator James McGrath

Calls for the Federal Government to fix Paradise Dam are misguided

26/AUG/20 – Keith Pitt

In knocking down Paradise Dam, the Queensland Labor Government are taking away the agricultural future of our local people and our local kids

25/AUG/20 – Keith Pitt

Thousands of irrigators are planning a class action against the State Government over
Paradise Dam

29/JUL/20 – 7 News Wide Bay

Senator McGrath speaking on the media failing to show the issues at Paradise Dam

16/JUL/20 – Senator James McGrath

Paradise Dam farmers say 70pc water allocations spell uncertain futures

08/JUL/20 – Queensland Country Life

Paradise Dam’s wall has been lowered by a couple of metres but there’s still more work to be done. Watching the wall come down has made Isis Canegrowers Chair, Mark Mammino emotional

03/JUL/2020 – 7 News Wide Bay

Cane farmers say Paradise Dam rebuild essential

24/06/20 – Queensland Country Life

Tom Marland speaking at the Dam

03/JUN/20 – Tom Marland

Growers in the Bundaberg region are taking legal action against Sunwater and the State Government

22/MAY/20 – 7 News Wide Bay

My full speech on the failure of Paradise Dam

13/MAY/20 – Senator James McGrath

Bundaberg council says lowering Paradise Dam will provide $2.4 billion hit to state economy

08/MAY/20 – ABC Australia

Industry continues fight to restore Paradise Dam

– Bundaberg Now

Local macadamia grower, Scott Alcott, talks about why Paradise Dam is so important to this region…

06/MAY/20 – Paradise Dam Class Action

Owner of local agricultural service company, Sunfam, Ian Loeskow, talks about the importance of Paradise Dam for employment in the Bundaberg region….

24/APR/20 – Paradise Dam Class Action

Burnett MP Stephen Bennett says the State Government will be facing a class action and other legal proceedings over the Paradise Dam debacle

23/APR/20 – 7 News Wide Bay

Debate over the future of the Paradise Dam has ignited again with the release of a new report

14/APR/20 – 7 News Wide Bay

Growers urge open minds in Paradise Dam debate

28/MAR/20 – Bundaberg Now

Cracks starting to appear in dam safety argument

04/MAR/20 – InQueensland

Farmers and irrigators gathered outside the Bundaberg Courthouse today to make their voices heard, demanding Paradise Dam be fixed, and not lowered

03/MAR/20 – 9 News Wide Bay

$2.4 billion cost to economy if Paradise Dam not fixed

24/FEB/20 – Bundaberg Now

Bundaberg farmers call for urgent action over Paradise Dam

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Paradise Dam saga continues with Bundaberg farmers running out of water

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Fight for Paradise: Farmers want dam remediated at any cost

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