The class action over the mismanagement of Paradise Dam gained traction in early February 2021. Local law firm, Marland Law, have been engaged by affected growers to ensure a large class action can be brought against the State Government and Sunwater in the Queensland Supreme Court within weeks.

This came after revelations that farmers in the Bundaberg region could be facing historically low water allocations from Paradise Dam if rainfall is not received in the coming weeks.

Sunwater have announced on their website, that Paradise Dam will effectively be almost empty by the end 2021, unless the catchment receives serious rainfall.

Macadamia grower, Michael McMahon, said without decent inflows to the dam soon the region could be facing historically low announced allocations.

“This region has experienced very dry periods in the past,” said Mr McMahon. “In July 2002 prior to the construction of Paradise Dam, the announced allocation for Burnett River irrigators was just 5%. No farmer can grow any crop with confidence with only 5% of his announced allocation.

Tom Marland of Marland Law observed a heightened interest in seeing the class action fast-tracked since word of the dam’s dire situation became public. He remarked, “I can understand why the local farming community is so worried about the potential of very low announced allocations in July this year. It’d be like asking the average household to survive on 5% of their normal groceries budget… it’s simply unworkable.”